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 Filtered water to wash your fruits, vegetables and cooking,

 Stop buying and carrying bottled water,

Save time and money.


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What's in your drinking water?

We help you choose the most appropriate water filter

With experience since 1999 in the Cypriot market we have managed to provide consumers with the benefits of clean, clear and healthy water with a range of reliable and certified filtration systems.

The largest network of stores in Cyprus with the most experienced, trained and specialized staff.

Do not know which filter is the most appropriate for you?

We help you choose the best!

We have the solution for every case and we are able to recommend the most appropriate filtration system according to your specific needs, for your home, office and business.

Φίλτρα Νερού Κύπρος Water Filters Cyprus

Our priority, is our customers

It is really very important that thousands of prestigious households and companies from all over Cyprus trust you. Our responsibility is to maintain excellent quality, reliability and trust in both our products and the services we provide.

What our customers say

It is very important for us our customers are so happy with both the quality of the products and services we provide, and the quality of the water they drink and use. Read what some of our customers say!

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George Astras

Oncologist, American Center

We bought the RUHENS WHP760 from KARMA Water and we are very happy with both the machine and the company for the impeccable service. The water is of excellent quality, odorless.

Stefanos Gioukas

Microbiologist, Diagnosis Lab

Thank you KARMA Water for the excellent service. I have the reverse osmosis system and the water my family drinks is of excellent quality .

Nikos Toumbas

We have installed the reverse osmosis system from KARMA Water. At my office and at home we enjoy crystal clear & healthy water without chlorine and pathogens.


Nestoras Michael

Gynecologist, Evangelismos Hosp.

Both at Evangelismos Private Hospital and at my house we have KARMA water filters. We are absolutely happy with the quality of the filters and the water we drink.

World Reputable Manufacturers

We have managed to represent in Cyprus reliable and certified water filters from the best manufacturers in the world. It is especially important that they have trusted our company.

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Φίλτρα Νερού Κύπρος Water Filters Cyprus

No. 1 in sales

To enjoy cleaner and higher quality water, most of our customers have selected the following filtration systems.

Reverse Osmosis 5 Stages + Aquacalcium, 75 GPD, ECO PURE [RO-575-AC], by ECOSOFT

Reverse Osmosis 5 Stages + Aquacalcium, 75 GPD, ECO PURE [RO-575-AC], by ECOSOFT