Blue Bottle with Filter, Doulton Taste

Water Bottle, Doulton Taste Blue

For crystal clear drinking water wherever you go!



The portable water bottles Doulton® Taste with filter are the ideal way to have crystal clear water with you on the walk, in the gym, at work and in general wherever you go! It is also ideal for children at school, so they can enjoy clean and healthy drinking water wherever and whenever they need it.


The bottles can be filled with drinking water and the water is filtered through the special Doulton 1 micron filter.


The Doulton® TASTE bottle has real filtering ability, filtering particles including contaminants, microplastics * and other contaminants. Removal of> 95% chlorine and> 90% heavy metals, such as lead, reduction of organic pollutants. **


* filtering up to 1 micron

** Manufacturer's measurement base.


Price: € 19.95 (Including the device & the filter)

Replacement Filter Price: € 12.95 for every 300 liters (approximately 600 refills)


This product is not recommended for use in children under 3 years.


For more information about the product you can call us at the toll free Cypriot contact number 80 000 880 or email:

Blue Bottle with Filter, Doulton Taste

    • Material: The bottle is made of Tritan plastic material (PETG), the mouthpiece and the cap are polypropylene (PP)
    • Color: Transparent base with blue cup
    • Water temperature: 4ºC - 40ºC
    • Degree of filtration: 1 micron
    • Recommended filter change frequency: 300 liters (approximately 600 refills)


    What the filter removes

    Filters particles including pollutants, microplastics and other pollutants *. Removal of> 95% chlorine and> 90% heavy metals, such as lead, reduction of organic pollutants.

    * filtering up to 1 micron

    ** Based on the manufacturer's internal measurements

    • Note:
    • Filters should not be used in water that is microbiologically unsuitable or of questionable quality.
    • The pathogens removed by the filters may not be present in the water.


  • A full warranty of three (3) months is given to the entire bottle for damage not caused by misuse of the system. The warranty excludes consumables, eg filters, which must be replaced according to the maintenance schedule. If the change of filters is not done according to the maintenance program then the system will not be covered by the warranty.

    Product and money returns are accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product if the bottle does not respond to the information / explanations given by the company before its purchase. The product should be in its original condition without alterations.







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