3 Stages 0.5 Micron [FS-3-Pb1], by HYDRONIX

HYDRONIX FS-3-Pb1, 3 STAGES Filtration System 0.5 micron


This under the sink system provides a sufficient amount of pure and safe water for residential purposes.


The system combines high-quality water filtration cartridges made by world famous manufacturers.


This is a reliable system is made by HYDRONIX parts, incorporating KX Matrikx and Hydronix filter cartridges.



STAGE 1: Sediment Filter 5 micron: Removes suspended solids with a diameter greater than 5 micron i.e dirt, rust, sediments. By Hydronix


STAGE 2: Carbon Block CTO 5 micron filter that removes chlorine taste, odors and organic chemicals that contribu